Ana | 18 | Spain | Sims 3
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Tags  #the sims 3  #bebe hart  
Jums.. suspicious
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Tags  #The Sims 3  #Bebe Hart  #Wedding  
Tags  #The Sims 3  #Bebe Hart  
Bells of wedding ♪ ♫ ♪
Tags  #The Sims 3  #Bebe Hart  
I present to Hortensio, the Bebe’s promised one. They were known in the University thanks to the seeker of persons. Already I said that his name was a bit strange.
All effort has his reward. Bebe has graduated in the major of Business with an average of distinction. Her relationship with Hank wasn’t OK and they decided to break. Thanks to the seeker of people of the smartphone (blog) she managed to find what was searching. His name is a bit strange but she’s a great person. ♥ Tomorrow more pictures.